Custom Kydex Knife Sheath Prices

Start with the base price of a solid color vertical or horizontal carry Kydex sheath - $50.

Or start with an ALL graphic Kydex sheath - $60.

Then, you can choose to add any of these options:

  • Leather wrap/accent - $10
  • Leather vertical carry belt loop - $5
  • Leather dangler system belt loop - $8
  • Graphic Kydex wrap/accent - $10
  • Magnesium/Fire steel, compass, flashlight, or sharpening steel attachment with graphic Kydex - $10 for first one, $8 for each additional attachment.​
DeDominicis Custom Fixed Blade Kydex Sheath


you can choose either a verticalcarry or horizontalcarry system.

Attachment options include:

  • Magnesium/Fire Steel
  • Compass
  • Sharpening Steel
  • Flashlight
  • Any other small item you might suggest!

Or she can create a Kydex sheath for a knife you already have if you would like to send it to us to be custom fit.  Just let us know! 

See prices at bottom of page.

Kydex Gun Holsters

Basic sheath as pictured starting at $45.

This is a black Kydex vertical carry sheath with gray leather wrap attachment and 2 belt loop options: a direct leather loop attachment and an alternate leather dangler system that can be swapped out.

DeDominicis Custom Kydex Sheath

Custom made

Kydex sheaths

Vertical carry with a leather belt loop and Banshee graphic.

Click HERE to learn how to clean and care for your Kydex, directly from the manufacturers of Kydex material.

​​​Custom DeDominicis Knives & Kydex Sheaths

DeDominicis Custom Fixed Blade Kydex Sheath

Horizontal carry, perfect for the small of the back.  This is dark brown Kydex, accented with Mandrake graphic.

Kydex Knife Sheaths & Gun Holsters

These are some photos of some of my wife's most recent work on custom fit Kydex sheaths to go along with knives that had been ordered from me.  The photo to the left shows one of my larger knives, the Viper, in a brown Kydex sheath with Realtree graphic accents holding an attached ferro rod and flashlight. The photo below was a special requested knife and sheath, using leather wrap around the Kydex. Karen can use any color Kydex you prefer and add the attachments with an alternate solid color or graphic sheet.