Tuquoise resin and maple burl.

Antler/Bone scales.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men...  Colossians 3:23

Black linen Micarta & brown canvas Micarta dual combo handle with orange spacers.

Venom Kirinite.  

Looks green under flourescent lighting.

OD Green Linen Micarta curved handle with thorn pattern cut into it.

Toxic Green Kirinite.

Black Lava Flow Kirinite.

Black G-10 with thorn pattern cut into scales and green spacers as shown in photo below.

Mesquite Burl w/ Turquoise Pearl Resin

Turquoise and burl

Black Linen Micarta with thorn pattern cut into scales and blue spacers.

Pink pearl resin and burl.

Camo G-10 with thorn pattern cut into handle.

Brown Canvas Micarta with textured dremel tool work and orange spacers.

Paracord Wrap - Single Weave.

Oak handle with only tung oil and no stain. Grooves cut into bottom of tang. This oak is right from a tree in our own yard! (These are not purchased scales.)

Handle Designs

These are photos of some of the different types of handles I have designed.  If you see something here you would like to have on your knife, let me know!  Or you could mix some of the ideas together and come up with your own!  

Camo canvas Micarta on top, with dremel work.

Black carbon Kirinite on bottom.

Black Linen Micarta

Desert Camo Kirinte 

LIme Green and Burl

Python Canvas Micarta with dremel work cut into the handle and orange spacers.

Jungle Camo Kirinite.

White resin and burl.

​​​Custom DeDominicis Knives & Kydex Sheaths

Handle Options