​​​Custom DeDominicis Knives & Kydex Sheaths

This boar spear is made out of 8670 carbon steel and is double edged.  I left a rough forged look on the steel and added a blood groove (fuller) on both sides.  The handle is made out of hickory wood and stained Jacobean.  We added a leather wrap with 28 lacing holes and laced it closed with a leather cord.  We decoratively added the triangular design on the opposite side. The overall length is approximately 5 1/2 ft. The blade length is 9 inches.  The thrust stop is 3 in. wide. The steel thickness is almost 1/4 inch. It was custom desgined and crafted for Tu-Mile Sportsman Association for their annual banquet and live auction.

DeDominicis Custom Made Boar Spear